Poemerra Brand Standpoint

There is no planet B. Earth is the only home we have, and we no longer have the abundance of resources we have grown accustomed to. That is why we set out to change the way beauty and health products are created and used.

We believe that the current trend of “more is better” must stop. It not only wastes valuable resources, but also can be damaging to our health. In fact, our body does not recognize hundreds of ingredients used in products today, and we certainly don’t need them all to perform at our best.

Our Goal

We want to make your skincare safer, more effective, and more sustainable. To accomplish this, we use high quality multifunctional ingredients to reduce your exposure to unnecessary chemicals, and substitute petroleum-based components for natural and naturally-derived alternatives.

Our standpoint on “Natural” vs. “Synthetic” vs. “Plant-derived” ingredients

Both natural and synthetic ingredients have their pros and cons. While “natural ingredients” sounds great, it is not always better for your health or the planet. On the contrary, “synthetic ingredients”, depending on their safety and carbon footprint, are not always worse.

We just need to choose and use them wisely. Natural ingredients can be more difficult to control in terms of quality and purity due to the unpredictable climate. As a result, some consume more resources to grow, harvest, and purify than synthetic versions. Health-wise, some “natural” ingredients can trigger allergic reactions and may not be the safest to use.

Synthetic ingredients can offer better performance, higher purity, and sometimes better overall sustainability. However, we need to consider their safety profile and environmental impact.

Our standpoint : Whether natural or synthetic, your safety is our greatest concern. With that in mind, we prioritize the use of sustainable, natural ingredients when possible.  If this is not possible, we opt for plant-derived synthetic ingredients to minimize the use of unsustainable petroleum. Lastly, if the first two options are not available, we then consider the best alternatives.